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Well Abandonment

CSM Environmental, PLLC, has a North Carolina Certified Well Driller (NCCWD) on staff to assist clients with the proper abandonment of out-of-use water supply wells, or groundwater monitoring wells that have fulfilled their purpose. Abandonment of out-of-use water supply wells may be needed as the result of property transactions or requested by NCDEQ- Winston Salem Region Office (WSRO) to assure that these wells will not be returned to service in the future. The Environmental Health Department of many North Carolina counties (i.e. Forsyth, Guilford) require specific permitting and fees for drinking water well abandonments.

Proper abandonment and sealing of out-of-use or abandoned water supply or groundwater monitoring wells is important to protect the groundwater from contamination from accidental spills of petroleum or other common chemicals. Should the lid or cap of a well deteriorate (due to age, neglect, or damage), the open well bore can become a hazard for both animals and humans, as well become a pathway for surface water, petroleum or other common chemicals to directly contaminate the aquifer, degrade water quality and make the groundwater unacceptable for future use.

If you need to discuss well abandonment and the costs for this type of work, please contact CSM Environmental. We will be glad to schedule a site visit to obtain the specifics for your project and provide a written estimate for the well abandonment.