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Spill Response

CSM Environmental provides comprehensive response services for petroleum based spills associated with underground (USTs), aboveground tanks (ASTs), generators, oil/water separators and from vehicle accidents. The services we provide include consulting, soil and water sampling, and State reporting.

We specialize in providing clients with the expertise, equipment and personnel to contain and abate the source of the spill, direct and manage all clean-up activities, and provide coordination with both the client and the appropriate State regulatory personnel to quickly resolve and close-out the spill incident. In North Carolina, any amount petroleum fuel spillage associated with an underground storage tank (UST) is a “Reportable” incident. Non-UST spills of 25 gallons or more to the ground surface, or any amount of petroleum spillage directly impacting surface waters are “Reportable” incidents. All types of petroleum spills require immediate abatement actions to contain and limit the environmental damage that they may cause.