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Tank Removal Services

At CSM Environmental, PLLC, we specialize in providing complete tank removal services to both commercial underground storage tank (UST) owners and to home owners with residential heating oil or fuel oil USTs.

  • CSM Environmental can coordinate and manage the entire UST removal projects for tank owners beginning with the required subsurface utility location, hiring and supervising experienced contractors to pump, properly manifest and dispose of any residual fuels or other remaining liquids, to excavate and remove the UST(s), and properly dispose of the excavated tank or tanks. We will exercise caution to minimize the disruption to the other work site areas or other portions of the property during the tank removal process. Backfilling of the former tank area to grade along with the repair of the affected landscaping and reseeding of the yard is typically included with our services.

  • CSM Environmental staff are experienced and familiar with the current North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ) - UST Section’s Guidelines for “Site Checks, Tank Closure, and Initial Response and Abatement for UST Releases.” The collection of the exact number of soil samples as specified by NCDEQ-UST Section guidelines is essential for the timely completion of commercial UST closures and typically includes sampling in the former tank basin areas, and beneath the dispensers and the associated piping.

  • Knowledge of the NCDEQ-UST Closure regulations is a crucial part of the services we offer, providing our clients with a timely and thorough UST removal assessment and allowing for the preparation and submittal of a “Complete” UST Closure Report to quickly finalize their tank removal project.